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Chinese titanium dioxide market highs, titanium dioxide chloride into development highlights

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Chinese titanium dioxide market highs, titanium dioxide chloride into development highlights

Release date:2016-03-18 00:00 source: Views:

Recalling the 2015 Chinese titanium dioxide market, "highs" to implement the annual price trends, annual production is declining for the first time in 17 years. But the good news is that the overall downturn in the industry under the background of the development of domestic chloride process titanium dioxide industry still achieved good results in 2015, advising that the combined research firm CCM industry leader in Sichuan Lomon and Billions also declared the Chinese titanium White business world is to attack the titanium dioxide market.

Since 2011, the heyday of Chinese titanium dioxide industry, the explosive growth of the domestic real estate market is no longer the downstream, and crazy expansion of production capacity of titanium dioxide, but continues, the low end of the industry's excess capacity is highly evil was completely detonated in the second half of this year, market supply and demand imbalance under the Chinese titanium dioxide prices fall into the abyss.

2015 Chinese titanium dioxide prices Market Review:

In the first half: "Spring Festival effect" after the domestic price of titanium dioxide by the end of 2014 stopped the decline, the market entered a stable period, and 3 - May, Shandong Dong Jia (Shandong Doguide) and Shandong Dawn (Shandong Dawn Group) led price increases set off a wave of price increases flow, the price will move up from the 12,000 yuan / ton (USD1830.97 / t) to 12,500 yuan / ton (USD1907.26 / t).

Second half: a long-term supply and demand imbalance in the domestic titanium dioxide market suddenly detonated explosives, prices nosedive, "Golden September and Silver October" period also failed to climb, to 12 months, the domestic market mainstream sulfate process rutile titanium dioxide price up even 9500 yuan / ton (USD1449.52 / t) (almost equal to the mainstream manufacturers cost line), compared to the first half of this decline reached 24.00%. Compared with the 2011 peak of 20,000 yuan / ton (USD3051.62 / t), then fell more than 50%.

Panic price continued to fall, led directly to make ends meet in the second half of the small and medium enterprises have entered the maintenance shutdown stage (including Jiangxi Tim Light (Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Co., Ltd), Luohe Hing Mau (Luohe City Xingmao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd), etc.), Billions (Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd.), Shandong Dong Jia and other large manufacturers are at the end of a slight cut operating rates. Affected by this, according to the National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center Titanium Dioxide Sub-center statistics, in 2015 the country appeared dioxide output since 1998, the first decline in 17 years since the total amount of 2.323 million tons compared to 2014 year 2.435 million tons down 11.2 million tons, a decline of 4.6%.

In the production of 2.323 million tons, 1.7152 million tons of rutile products, down 2.4 percent year on year in 2014, the proportion of total production is 73.8%; anatase product output was 41.7 million tons, accounting for 18.0%; non-pigment grade products 128,000 t t, 5.5%; stock / nano-products 6.29 million tons, accounting for 2.7%.

From the volume and price terms, in 2015 the Chinese titanium dioxide industry can be said to fall into the bottom of history, but the CCM that the industrial restructuring of this industry only after experiencing a high degree of excess capacity must face, from another point of view, than when two years ago from the die hard linger this year, the domestic titanium dioxide industry end market like but the reform is to stimulate the industry to accelerate a big plus, almost equal to the cost of doing business line price decline as a thunder, is the pinnacle of the industry crazy reckless expansion of production capacity from speculators get rich dream eleven awakened with these backward production capacity gradually withdraw from the market, CCM believes that industry concentration and productivity improvement of infrastructure will help balance Chinese titanium dioxide industry in 3--5 years back on the right track.

On the other hand, the good news is that even if caught in the overall industry downturn in 2015, we can still see the Chinese titanium dioxide industry achievements in the restructuring of the industry.

1, domestic chloride process titanium dioxide began to gain international recognition in November 2015 - December Billions ChinaCoat held by 2015, and vigorously campaign for chloride process titanium dioxide, long-term partner Billions - The International paint giant PPG on the official website said publicly that the company has started using the chloride process titanium dioxide Billions for the production of coatings, and highly recognized product quality.

November 2015 12 to 14, CCM at the annual meeting of the National Titanium Dioxide from Luohe Xingmao chairman Li Maoen informed, as the only private chloride process titanium dioxide factory, Luohe Hing Mau chloride process titanium dioxide has been widely sold in overseas markets, it is special type titanium white plastic rave reviews.

December 30, 2015, Panzhihua vanadium and titanium announcement said it would invest 110 million yuan (USD16.78million) New chlorination process titanium dioxide project, China has become the fifth entered chlorination process titanium dioxide industry enterprises.

2, Sichuan Lomon and Billions about to merge, China's first international dioxide giants will be born May 5, 2015, Billions announcement said the company is leading the acquisition of the current Chinese titanium dioxide Sichuan Lomon. Sichuan Lomon currently has production capacity of 300,000 tons of titanium dioxide, Billions have production capacity of 220,000 tons, is China's titanium dioxide industry, big headed and underboss, after a combination of both, up to 52 tons total capacity will help it become the world's fourth largest titanium dioxide business, international competitiveness and global market shares the right to speak Chinese titanium dioxide will be greatly enhanced.

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